[RED CARPET] The Lashes That Glistened at Festival de Cannes Summer officially kicked off. To mark the occasion, we celebrated in the South of France with galas, champagne, rosé and, of course, Lashify. read and shop
THE BEST EYELASHES FOR ANY EYE SHAPE We all love amazing, flawless looking lashes. Whether you are playing with a strip lash, individuals, salon extensions, or Lashify DIY extensions, you want to choose the most flattering style for you! Read And Shop
LASHIFY 101: BOND Like the proverb says, ‘You must learn to crawl before you can walk’. Here at Lashify that couldn’t be more accurate— learning the basics first, starting a bit at a time, will set you up for success. Read And Shop
TOP 5 REASONS WHY LASHIFY IS BETTER THAN MASCARA When it comes to comparing mascara with Lashify, it’s just not a fair fight. There’s simply no comparison. If you want lush, full, gorgeous lashes, it’s all about Lashify. Mascara can’t hold a candle. Read And Shop
THE BEST FALSE EYELASHES FOR 2021 As the beauty industry continues to flourish and grow, the options for false eyelashes have become endless. And with Lashify's new Starburst and Chocolate colored Gossamers, the sky is the limit. Read And Shop
THE BEST EYELASH GLUES Lashify, the award-winning patented DIY lash system, has found a way to apply lashes for up to 10 days without the harsh and harmful chemicals or ingredients found in traditional lash adhesives. Read And Shop
THE 6 BEST EYELASH LOOKS FOR ALMOND EYES The “almond” shaped eye is one of the most universal and easiest eye shapes to apply makeup and eyelashes to! Because of how common it is, the Almond eye shape usually comes with a secondary eye shape trait. Read to find out more. Read And Shop
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