[RED CARPET] The Lashes That Glistened at Festival de Cannes Summer officially kicked off. To mark the occasion, we celebrated in the South of France with galas, champagne, rosé and, of course, Lashify. read and shop
HOW TO APPLY LASHIFY EYELASH EXTENSIONS Many beginners get it right on their first try; others don’t, but that’s okay. As with most things, mastering the art of Lashify takes practice and patience. Read And Shop
WHY ARE LASH EXTENSIONS BETTER THAN MASCARA? Mascara only creates the illusion of volume. Lashify actually delivers the real thing. And your final look lasts longer (up to 10 days!) and stays neat and firmly affixed the entire time. Read And Shop
I GOT A LASH-LIFT, AND IT CHANGED MY WHOLE FACE. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. "These premium silk lashes have quickly become a staple in the kits of celebrity makeup artists. They offer a bit more flexibility than your standard strip lash, and the strip is substantially thinner, too." Read And Shop
LASHIFY REVIEW: I TRIED DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS FOR A MONTH Read what Jillian Ruffo at GLAMOUR has to say about Lashify and how "the obsession is real." Read And Shop
COOLER THAN YOUR AVERAGE (CEO AND FOUNDER) Most CEO’s are faceless, nameless even. Yet, for anyone remotely familiar with the brand, you know that’s not the case at Lashify.  Read And Shop
The 92nd Academy Awards All that glitters is certainly gold, and Lashify at the 2020 Oscars. Read And Shop
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