Lashify Review: I Tried DIY Eyelash Extensions for a Month

 Lashify Review: I Tried DIY Eyelash Extensions for a Month

Read what Jillian Ruffo at GLAMOUR has to say about Lashify and how "the obsession is real."

"I've always been a lash fanatic. Pro eyelash extensions, strip falsies, individual lashes—I've tried them all. Mascara has been my biggest priority when it comes to my makeup routine. I swear by formulas that make my lashes look long, full, and nearly fake. In college I never left my dorm on a Friday or Saturday night without a strip of Ardells rimming my eyes. And in recent years I've sworn by in-salon lash extensions to achieve the fluttery lash look I so love. Honestly, there's simply nothing better than waking up with a little eye drama.

But after a year of going to the salon for lash extensions every few weeks, I was over it: I started to notice that my natural lashes were becoming sparse. And I got sick of the application process, which was long and, well, a little scary. It involves getting your eyelids taped shut while a technician glues false individual lashes to each of your real ones. If, like me, you suffer from anxiety, it's an hour spent freaking out about whether or not you'll still be able to see once the application is complete. I was also dropping $100 a visit. All said, I still missed them Every. Single. Day."

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