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The Gossamer® Lashes (12)

Each of our patent-pending Gossamer®️ Lashes are pre-fanned and hand constructed by our skilled lash technicians; they are then placed inside their cartridges where they hold their shape + ready for under-lash application. 
Gossamer® lashes are virtually weightless and boast an undetectable spine, while mimicking the same growth pattern of a natural lash.  You’ll never know the difference of Lashify until you try for yourself.
  • To choose the right length, simply measure the lid space between your eyebrow arch and the corner of your eye.  If your lid space is less than one inch: 12mm and shorter. If lid space is longer than one inch: 12mm and above. 
  • Each cartridge includes 12 Gossamers. Gossamer’s vary in number of fibers, length, width and curl.
  • We offer 6 lash styles in 6 colors and lengths 8mm-18mm. 
  • All Gossamer styles can be mixed to create endless lash maps. 
  • 8mm-10mm are recommended for Inner corner lashes.