[RED CARPET] The Lashes That Glistened at Festival de Cannes Summer officially kicked off. To mark the occasion, we celebrated in the South of France with galas, champagne, rosé and, of course, Lashify. read and shop
THE 6 BEST EYELASH LOOKS FOR ALMOND EYES The “almond” shaped eye is one of the most universal and easiest eye shapes to apply makeup and eyelashes to! Because of how common it is, the Almond eye shape usually comes with a secondary eye shape trait. Read to find out more. Read And Shop
THE 6 BEST EYELASH LOOKS FOR MONOLID EYES Well ladies, if you have a monolid eye shape, I have the perfect solution for you to customize your lash look to compliment your eye and to better fit the shape of your eye…Lashify! Read And Shop
THE 6 BEST EYELASH LOOKS FOR ROUND EYES With round eyes, you can either enhance your eye shape, or with lashes and makeup create an illusion of a more almond, small, or even cat eyed look. And the Lashify DIY extension system makes it easy to customize and create anything you want! Read And Shop
THE 6 BEST EYELASH LOOKS FOR HOODED EYES When it comes to eyelashes there is no such thing as one size fits all. Want to get the best lash look for your eye shape? Think you have a hooded eye? If so you’ve come to the right place. Read And Shop
THE 60'S STATEMENT LASH IS HERE You asked and Sahara answered! Welcome to the multi-length and multi-layered lash life! Our first eyelash to date that boasts a record 64 Korean PBT silk fibers for a stacked look without the weight. Read And Shop
HOW LASHIFY GAVE THE 'BOMBSHELL' WOMEN THE FOX LOOK For 2019's film Bombshell, master makeup artist Vivian Baker transformed Oscar-nominated Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly using Lashify and took home the coveted Oscar award for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. Read And Shop
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