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Fuse Control Wand™ v1

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Ever find yourself wanting to fuse on the go? We got you. Our internationally patented wand is designed for precision, to fit the curvature of your cheekbone, eyelid and bridge of your nose for the perfect Gossamer® lash application. Handcrafted from Japanese stainless steel, designed to last a lifetime.

  • Get comfortable holding your Fuse Control Wand. Play with it before you try using it to fuse your Gossamer lashes. Familiarize yourself with the weight of the tool and how it feels in your hand and near your lash line. We recommend beginners use the removable patent-pending “Wandoms” included for a seamless, cushiony, non-stick fuse.

  • Use only Melt Away, Pre-Cleanse, or soap and water to clean your wand. Chemicals will cause damage to the special coating. Make sure to wipe down to prevent any bond build up.

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