Sahara's Selects

Looking to channel your inner Sahara Lotti? Easy. Slip into our exquisitely fluffy robe, hold your hair back with the terry headband, and enjoy that martini while lounging in a chaise. Just be sure to bat those Gossamer® lashes when asking for another olive.
Lashify Hair Wrap


Microfiber Hair Towel
No options available
Fluffy Robe


Lashify Merchandise | Robe
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Fuse Control™ Wand - Graphite


Gossamer Applicator | Graphite
No options available


Extra-Strength Bond
No options available


Heated Silicone Curler
No options available
Curl Gossamer® Lashes


Lashify Collection
6 options available
Lashify® Terry Headband


Lashify Merchandise | Headband
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