[RED CARPET] The Lashes That Glistened at Festival de Cannes Summer officially kicked off. To mark the occasion, we celebrated in the South of France with galas, champagne, rosé and, of course, Lashify. read and shop
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Lash Damage? Let’s Talk It Out. Lashify doesn’t damage or rip out your lashes. Our bond don’t harden and are flexible (which is why they require a little practice) and the virtually weightless Gossamer lash disperse evenly across the lash line reducing any follicle damage causing tension.

If you apply/remove Lashify incorrectly by tugging on roots with improper application damage can happen. If you aggressively fuse or pull them off without remover etc, you can damage. 

It’s DIY. But, truth be told, we’ve made it pretty hard to damage your lashes! 
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