The internationally patented Fuse Control™ Wand is handcrafted and ergonomically designed for ultimate precision: fitting the curvature of your cheekbone, eyelid, and bridge of your nose for precise Gossamer® lash application. The wand's horizontal clamp force delivers the perfect fuse every time.

Enter the Petit: A 10% reduced curve provides an easy fuse for small or monolid eyes. The straighter curve offers ease of use for inner corners and the ability to get a full fuse for flatter profile eyes. 

Please note: the Petit Wand is made of stronger grade of stainless steel and therefore, a little tight. Give your Petit Wand a gentle stretch to loosen the tension, this will allow for an easier full fuse, less pressure needed. 

  • Get familiar with your new best friend. Prior to using the Fuse Control™ Wand for application, get comfortable with it: hold it, play with it, move with it. See how the wand feels in your hand, near your lash line and practice picking up Gossamers with it. For fusing, we recommend using the removable patent-pending Wandoms™ that come included in your Control Kit™ for a cushiony, non-stick fuse.

    • Patented Worldwide US, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea, UK, EU

    • Colors: Silver

    • Style: Petit

    • Handcrafted from Japanese stainless steel

    • Hand-tooled in Pakistan

    • Lifetime limited warranty. Warranty covers loss of precision during lifetime or defects due to clipping or unevenness when closing. Warranty does not cover user error, such as the Fuse Control™ Wand breaking at the base due to pulling too wide, or being improperly pulled out of The Control Kit.

  • To clean: use Melt Away, Pre-Cleanse, soap and water, or rubbing alcohol. Wipe down your wand periodically to prevent any build up of bond. 

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