Level 1- Learn the Basics of the Lashify System

Control Kit™ Basics Follow Along

Learn from the best! Watch as Jill, our in-house Lash Expert, takes you through each step of your first application.

Core Gossamer® Lash Collection

Our core gossamer collection that is available in the Control Kit.

Fuse Control® Wand

Practice holding our patented, hand-tooled, ergonomically designed wand for proper application and fusing.

How to Prep

Learn how to prep your lashes forLashify application.

All about Bonds

Learn all about our one of a kind bondsand bonding techniques.

How to Remove your Gossamer® lashes

Learn how to safely remove your gossamers without causing damage to your natural lash.

The Lockdown Method

Learn our Lockdown Method created by the founder and CEO of Lashify, Sahara Lotti.


You've got them applied, here's how to care for your new lash set.

Level 2- Mastering Bonding + Stacking Techniques

Level 2 Tutorial

Learn all the tips and tricks to master your longevity techniques and advanced lash mapping.

Volume Gossamer® Lash Collection

Take your lash game to the next level! Explore the Volume Collection


There's more than one way to seal the deal. Learn all about our two sealers to help with longevity.

Brick Stacking

Learn how to make a more customized lash look.

Volume Stacking

Learn how to add volume to your lash look..

Length Stacking

Learn how to add length and wispiness to your lash looks.


Learn all about our heated lash curler.


Are you ready to give it all that you’ve got? Try our DEFCON 5 technique.

Learn the Basics - Level 1 Minis

How to choose a Control Kit

Choose your Control Kit and start your Lashify journey!

Core Gossamer® Lash Collection

We have three Core Gossamer® lashes to choose from for your Control Kit™


Learn how to use your protective coverings to prevent stickiness and give a wider fuse

Whisper Light Bond™ Dual-Sided with Micro-Flex™

Learn how to use whisper light

Mirror Placement

Practice how to hold your mirror to see the underside of your lash for proper placement and comfort

Removing Gossamer® from cartridge

Learn how to properly remove your Gossamer® lashes from the cartridge

How to hold a Gossamer®

Practice picking up and placing your Gossamer® lashes for comfort and proper placement


Always make sure to apply the Lashify System to clean, dry lashes

The Lockdown Method

Learn the Lashify bonding and application technique. Used to achieve longevity. Created by Sahara Lotti and named by Jen, one of our Lashifiends!

Proper Placement

Practice placing the Gossamer® lash onto the natural lash for proper placement 1-2mm away from the waterline

Improper Placement

Avoid placing the Gossamer® lash onto the skin. Our lashes were designed to go onto the natural lash for comfort and longevity.


Learn how to properly fuse so that your natural lashes, the bonds and your new Gossamer® lashes all become one.


Learn all about Glass, our water resistant sealer, to help with tackiness and create a water-resistant seal over your new lash map.


Learn all the tips and tricks for caring for your new lashes.

Eyedentify- Learn all about your eye shape

Almond eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Almond eye. An Almond eye features a smaller eyelid and is longer in width than it is round.

Round eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Round eye. A round eye features a large, prominent and more circular shape.

Hooded eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Hooded lid. A hooded lid features a heavy brow bone with a deep set crease.

Upturned eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Upturned eye. An upturned eye features outer corners that turn upward curving toward the outer edge of the eye and higher than the inner corners.

Downturned eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Downturned eye. A downturned eye features outer corners that tend to curve downward lower than the inner corners.

Monolid eye

Find the perfect lash styles to compliment your Monolid eye. A monolid eye features a fold of the eye at the lash line and there is no prominent brow bone.


4 Ways to Fix a Lifting Gossamer® Lash

Learn 4 different ways to fix a lifting or drooping gossamer® lash.

How to Extend Longevity

Utilize the Plus+ Gossamer® lashes as a base map to help extend longevity.

How to Remove Makeup

Learn how to remove makeup while keeping your lashes intact.

How to Shower

Learn how to shower while keeping your lash map intact.