How it Works

After studying the structure of the human eye and the shape of the natural lash line, we decoded a revolutionary system of applying lash extensions---without the skill and the time.  




  1. We use a patent-pending technology to manufacture our unique Gossamer Lashes. Our trained technicians fuse each and every silk fiber in a delicate and time-consuming process.
  2. Once each Gossamer Lash is created, they are placed inside the sterilized Lash Lozenge. The Lozenge is designed to emulate the shape of your eye. In other words, instead of applying the lashes on you in person, the technician applies the lashes into the lozenge that arrives at your doorstep.
  3. Our patent-pending multi-functional Fuse Control Wand picks up the lashes with ease. One blink and clamp and that's it.
The result: flawless, fast lash extensions that no other lash system can rival.