The Ultimate Guide to Control Wax

The Ultimate Guide to Control Wax

Posted by Andrea Aronson on

We know you've heard the hype. We know you're curious. So, we're about to count the ways to use our newly released Lashify task master.


Unruly brows? Say no more. With just a swipe of the micro-mascara applicator you’re able to shape, define, and hold those brows right where you want them— in place! 


Two birds, one stone. Ever notice your bottom lashes sticking to the top lashes after applying bond during application? Well, leave it to Control Wax to prevent this from happening. And if you’re longing for fuller-looking lashes then Control Wax has you covered. It will prime the bottom lashes for mascara use, or create the illusion of length without it. Win-win.


I don’t know about you, but rogue hairs tend to ruin my day. Luckily, a dab of Control Wax tames them instantly. The micro-mascara applicator perfectly targets, styles, and keeps those pesky strands in check. 


Fusing is the holy grail of the Lashify system, so it goes without saying that a sticky fuse can lead to utter disaster. To prevent this from happening, applying Control Wax inside the Fuse Control Wand or Wandom will create a non-stick surface for a precise, non-stick fuse. 

And, there you have it. We dropped some knowledge on our latest product, Control Wax, and a few pivotal ways in which it will enhance your beauty routine.