Gah, sometimes things move so fast in this company it’s hard to keep up!

When I started, I was very simply a lash extension obsessed person since 2005 trying to get on my own lashes. I did not have the time or the energy to keep getting them done but I certainly had a need. I started mulling in 2015. At that time I was just sticking strip things under my lash because I couldn’t get them on top. But I needed a new tool and I needed a new lash… and I needed a new kind of bond with some other ingredients. After not being able to find what I needed in order to accomplish what I wanted, in 2016 I decided to invent it. Being ADHD, when I focus on something I tend to get obsessed. And next thing I know I ended up inventing a new and award-winning lash system that, as of today, has over 150 patents worldwide.


in Korea based on need. The PBT fiber invented in Korea was used to make brushes. It was then used to make single lash fibers, and after that, little clusters to speed up the lash extension process. I jumped in there….

Using the same PBT fibers and having googled knowledge of thermoplastics I created a new lash pattern and process to make my Gossamer lash. It was a new kind of lash designed with a “flat” base which had never been done before because the concept did not exist. My idea was: a flat-based lash that would fit underneath the natural lashes using hair-to-hair attachment. The width would share the weight of the lash and the flexible adhesive would buffer any tension between the surfaces, therefore making it damage-free. Then, a tool with horizontal clamp force would fuse it down.


I realized the only way I could make the lash base as flat as I needed it to be was using heat at the base. It cannot be done otherwise. Before, strip lash bases were meant to be strong. Here, I wanted to make a thin, and delicate flat “spine”. That’s what the Lashify technology and intellectual property (IP) is all about. And with that came the need to name this new thing— so I chose the name Gossamer because it was light. Just like the lash.

My goal in 2016 was simply to apply my own lashes and give myself some freedom, never ruin someone else’s business— only to bring innovation to the lash world based on my own need.

And, with that, I’m excited to announce that what started as, and continues to be, a consumer-based luxury beauty technology company now has a professional arm run by Lashify Jill and Elizabeth Genel.

Lashify Pro is a great way to bring additional revenue into your business, retain clients with allergies or weak lashes and continue making people really happy! You can find out more about the Lashify Pro program through the link below.


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