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Underneath the lash line closest to the root.


For the longest wear possible, apply a light layer of NightBond™ inside both sides of the Wandom™ and fuse. Clean off Wandom™ with Melt Away™. 


This is the tool you don't know you need, until you have it. It's great to use in conjunction with Night Bond to dry the watery formula, and also to speed up the drying process when you get your lashes wet.

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Our patent-pending lash holders designed to emulate the upper lash line.  The holder prepares the lashes for placement underneath the lash line.  


Also referred to as our Starter Kit, it's a one off purchase (except for the truly obsessed lashifiend) that has all the tools you need to get started. Tip: The only item included in our returns policy (have a read).

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The first layer of Gossamer® lashes. A complete set of Gossamer® lashes from the inner to outer corners of your eyes. The curl on your "foundation" stack will dictate the curl regardless of how many stacks.


Fuse it or lose it. Literally. The clamp force on our patented Fuse Control Wand seamlessly blends and melds the Gossamer® lashes to your natural lashes. Each fuse creates a stronger hold and longevity. Fuse to keep them on as long as possible. Always fuse morning & night.


Our sleek and sexy mascara wand designed to fluff your lash creation post application, remove excess bond from your natural lashes and prep them for application.

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"G" is text short for Gossamer® Lashes. You're going to be writing that word so often it will come in handy. 

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Glass is similar to a varnish coating. It covers the bond and makes it waterproof. 

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This is the same as the Bondom trick, but with Glass. Apply a light layer of Glass inside both sides of the wandom, fuse and blow, clean off Glass with Melt Away, then remove oil residue from Wandom with Pre-Cleanse.

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Our weightless, stackable and seamless lash fibers; fused using our exclusive technology. Designed to be worn under your natural lashes to create the most natural faux lash look. Disintegrate into single lashes after fusing 50+ time. 1/10 weight of normal strip lash. No technician needed.


A die-hard, loyal Lashify lover who can't get enough of the Lashify lifestyle. #Lashifiend

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Kick-ass community of #LASHIFIENDS who live for Lashify and lifting each other up.


Your very own curated collection of LASHIFY LOVES.


Major perks for major #LASHIFIENDS. Score 1 point for every dollar spent to score exclusives, swag and more.


The gorgeous birds eye view of your lashify lashes!

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The art of mixing, matching, stacking and layering your Gossamer® lashes to create your own custom Lash Look. Example: starting inner corner: B12, B14, B16, B14, B10 


Fuse your entire lashline in and curl in an upward motion for the ultimate doe-eyed effect.


Our membership program that makes Lashify extremely affordable. Members get 30-50% off lashes. 

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Live tutorial videos done via Instagram or Facebook that are extremely helpful to learn about the system.


Instead of lining up the stacked lashes to the base, you can apply them farther up to create longer effects. 


This is our dual phase remover that will literally slide your lashes off and get rid of any residual bond on your lashes. Tip: Dip our Fluffer in the melt away and brush through your lashes to get rid of all bond.

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This is our stronger hold bond, that is used in conjunction with whisper light to prolong the wear of your Gossamers. Even though it's called Night bond, it can be applied at any time of day.

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Contact the concierge to set up a one on one 15 minute Facetime.


A 1:1 experience where our team of experts will assist you with all of your Lashify needs. Application, account info, membership and more is only one text away!


Use your thumb and forefinger and press down to re-adhere when in a pinch!


This is our sophisticated cleansing water, it's great to prep your natural lashes prior to application, to ensure they are clean and oil free. You can also dip our Fluffer or a qtip in this and brush or wipe through your lashes during wear to clean them. It can also be used all over the face as part of your skincare routine.

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Dab some bond underneath the lash line and fuse to re-adhere. 


Remove a loose Gossamer, add bond and reapply to the lash line.  Fuse as usual. 


A wax like formula designed to remove any excess stickiness on the lash. Can be added inside the wand to remove stickiness.  Can be used to shape brows.  

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Building on your initial Gossamer® lashes for a look that's a little more on the extra side. Trust us, once you stack you'll never go back.


Wrap it up with our Wandom. Protect your Fuse Control Wand with our non-stick wand cover, guaranteed to give you a non-stick flawless application. Excellent for hygiene when applying to various clients.  Available only for 100 Lash Cash points. 


Our exclusive bonding formula designed to be worn like a mascara. Includes biotin and Lavendula to maintain the integrity of the natural lash. 

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Our patented tool designed to apply, fuse, clamp and pinch Gossamer lashes. 

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A technique some use to get more longevity; 

1. Start with clean and dry lashes (Use precleanse)

2. Brush black whisperlight lightly through your lashes. 

3. Dab night bond at the base of your natural lashes

4. White Whisperlight on the spine of the gossamers. 

3. Apply gossamers and fuse

4. Apply a thin line of Night bond again on the base of the gossamers after application.

5. Then brush through some Glass.

Note: You still only need extremely small amounts of bond. Not everyone needs this method, start with the basics, get your application technique down and progress to this if needed.

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