Introducing: The Fluffy™ FX Gossamer Lash

Introducing: The Fluffy™ FX Gossamer Lash

Whenever our customers ask, we have no choice but to deliver. And, luckily, it's our pleasure. The cult-favorite Fluffy™ Gossamer made such waves that an even more exaggerated curl was requested, and we couldn't say no. 

Enter, the Fluffy™ FX.

Everything you love about the Fluffy Gossamer mixed with the curl power of Extra Extreme Gossamers… AKA fluffy dimension with a mega curl that is nothing short of fabulous.

Available in our best-selling hues of Black, Chocolate, and Truffle, the newest members of our Gossamer family are sure to indulge your over-the-top cravings. 

Apply a complete set of FX for a lash map that is fluffy and fluttery that screams fullness. If you prefer a more delicate lash map, alternate the FX with our Core Gossamer collection (Amplify, Bold, or Curl) for a naturally lavish look. 

See below for a more in depth look at the new style in each color.

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