Prismatic Colors - "C" Gossamer Lash Cartridge


Take your Lashify® to the next level with our breathtaking Prismatic Color Gossamer® Collection.  Available for Limited Release Only. 

Thought you'd never wear colored lashes?   Think again.  They're that good.  Say hello to your new eyeshadow, your new colored mascara and your new lash life!   The Prismatic Collection is everything you've bene waiting for... vivid colors that will enhance any eye shape or color.  Currently available in five fabulous shades. 

  • Color: Violet, Royal Blue, Teal, Green and Dark Brown. 
  • Style: Curl
  • Length: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
  • Number of Gossamers: 12

Limit two of each size per customer. 

Tip: Gossamer Lashes are extremely delicate. In the event that a Gossamer does not slide out easily from the cartridge, use a tweezer to release the cap to avoid damaging the fibers. 

    Gossamers are not lash strips. They are meant to be used with the Control Kit only. Regular tweezers and lash glue are not designed to work with Gossamer Lashes. 

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