Lashify X Membership

Calling all Lash Addicts! 

Did someone say Lash Delivery?  Once you own the Control Kit, all you need is refills and you're all set!   That's where Lashify X comes in! 

Choose which X plan suits your Lashify needs (aka addiction).  Lashify X (4 per month), Double XX (9 per month, 8+1 for free) or Triple XXX (14 per month, 12+2 for free).

Get your lashes delivered weekly, monthly etc.  Switch up each delivery, customize and create endless styles.  Plus as an X Member you'll get 50% off all our Amplify, Bold and Curl Gossamer® lashes!  If you need extra items throughout the month, just order through the store and all US orders over $35.00 will ship for free!  

The X Advantage
  • Members pay only $9.95 for each additional cartridge (50% off retail)

  • Personal Concierge Service. 

  • Free Wand Damage Replacement. 

  • Customize lashes each delivery. 

  • Cancel after Two Charges. 

  • Pause at any time. 

  • Lashify X is Non-Refundable

  • Free Domestic Shipping

Lashify X must be purchased separately from the Control Kit and all other Lashify items. 

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