Lashify X Membership

Lashify® was created for daily wear. Our lashes are not strip lashes. Gossamer™ lashes are patented lash fusions you will want to wear every single day of your life. Once you own the Control Kit, all you need is monthly refills and you'll all set.  That's where Lashify X comes in! 

The X Membership gives you the ability to purchase all of our Gossamer™ lashes at 50% off retail.  Plus you get your choice of four lashes that you can customize with each delivery!    If you want more lashes just adjust the frequency of deliveries! 


  • Each delivery you get four Gossamer™ lash cartridges delivered.

  • Members pay only $9.95 for each additional cartridge (50% off RETAIL)

  • Personal Concierge Service. 

  • Free Wand Damage Replacement. 

  • Customize lashes each delivery. 

  • Cancel after Two Charges

  • Lashify X is Non-Refundable

Please note Lashify X is a subscription and must be purchased separately from the Control Kit.