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The Lashify® Control Kit

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"After three years of research, design and utter obsession, we finally cracked the lash code– in the most luxurious way possible.  And,  it's easy."

Our Control Kit® is the award-winning starter kit that gives you all the tools you need to apply the revolutionary Lashify® system.  You’ll be able to stack and build any lash style imaginable in minutes.  

The kit includes everything you need to get started.  Plus you get to choose between our A, B or C lashes to get going with.   Once you're done with those lashes you simply buy refills as you go or sign up for the membership starting at $39.95. 

All Control Kits® come with 12mm and 14mm Gossamer® lashes. Try them on for size and you'll know if you want to go longer or shorter in your next order. Most clients mix and match sizes and styles for a custom look

Return Policy: We want you to love your lashes as much as we do. If you're not in love you can return your Control Kit within 30 days (less S&H)  No questions asked! In order to be eligible all items from the original package must be included: storage box, Control Kit, Fuse Control Wand, Gossamer cartridges, Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond, Seal and Finish Clear Coat and wandom. Return shipping on Control Kits not included. When contacting concierge, please provide the tracking number of the return package.

The Gossamer® Lash Breakdown:

  • A "Amplify" Kit - Amplify is an everyday, effortless look
  • B "Bold" Kit - Bold creates mascara-like drama
  • C "Curl" Kit - Curl has the strongest curl
  • Fuse Control Wand™ ($65.00 value); a hand-crafted precision instrument, that's ergonomically designed to mirror the arc of your lash line. A meticulous multitasker, you can use our FUSE CONTROL WAND to fuse the GOSSAMERS® to your lashes, and you can use it as a tweezer!

    • Two Gossamer® lash sets ($40.00 value) in sizes 12mm & 14mm. Hand-made of the highest quality Korean PBT silk, cruelty-free, weightless, and enhance your natural lashes like nothing else.

    Whisper Light™ Flexible Bond - Dual-Sided Black AND Clear ($22.00 value) with Micro Mascara Tip. This hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested bond is exclusively designed to hold your GOSSAMER lashes. Biotin and Micro-flex technology create a flexible and nourishing cushion underneath the lash line, protecting the roots of the lashes from weight and tension so you enjoy a damage-free experience. Your first few times of applying Lashify and Whisper Light,  you should focus on correct placement and the third time focus on longevity and keeping them on for up to a week  

    Glass ($21.00 value) with Macro Tip. Our waterproof lash extender, Glass finishes your Lashify look and extends the wear of your Gossamer® lashes. 

  • • A little bond goes a long way! Apply a small amount of bond to the base of your lashes and for extra anchorage, dab a small amount of Whisper Light onto the spine of your Gossamer before application.

    • Waterline = NO. GO. Be sure to place your Gossamer Lashes ABOVE your waterline. Your own lashes act as an anchor for your Gossamers, and if they are too close to the waterline, it will be uncomfortable and your lashes won't last as long as they should.
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