"B" Gossamer Lash Cartridge

B is for Bold

The B Gossamers are our most dramatic Gossamer yet and will literally blow you away with their vavoom, made of the blackest of black Korean silk. If you're all drama these are for you.  

B Gossamers are slightly heavier than our A's and C's so we don't recommend stacking too many, but of course our Gossamer seams are as fine as ever.  

TIP: Don't forget to use one size shorter for the inner corners, or a longer set for outer. Try a little more generous bonding to make up for the weight!  

  • 100% Korean Silk Premium PBT
  • 28 lashes per Gossamer

  • Color: Black Mink

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Thickness 1.5mm

  • Length: Available in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm

  • Curl: Very Strong - D Multi-Curl  

Gossamers are not lash strips. They are meant to be used with the Control Kit only. Regular tweezers and glue are not designed to work with Gossamers.

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