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The Lashify® Control Kit (Reward)


After three years of research, design and utter obsession, we finally cracked the lash code--in the most luxurious way possible.  Introducing the most revolutionary lash system to ever hit the market.  

Best of all, it's easy.  

With our Control Kit® you're able to apply your own luxurious extensions anytime, anywhere to create endless lash magic--without the damage, time or expense.  Our cutting-edge lash amplification system gives you the power to create and customize salon quality lashes in record time without ever stepping into a salon.  No gimmicks. No exaggeration.  It's that good. 

Each kit includes everything you need to get started. 

The Gossamer® Lash Breakdown:

  • A "Amplify" KitAmplify is an everyday, effortless look
  • B "Bold" KitBold creates mascara-like drama
  • C "Curl" KitCurl has the strongest curl 
    • Fuse Control Wand™ ($65.00 value); a hand-crafted precision instrument, that's ergonomically designed to mirror the arc of your lash line. A meticulous multitasker, you can use our FUSE CONTROL WAND to fuse the GOSSAMERS® to your lashes, and you can use it as a tweezer!
    • Two Gossamer® lash sets ($40.00 value)  in sizes 12mm & 14mm. Hand-made of the highest quality Korean PBT silk, cruelty-free, weightless, and enhance your natural lashes like nothing else 
    • Whisper Light™ Flexible Bond - Dual-Sided Black AND Clear ($22.00 value). This hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested bond is exclusively designed to hold your GOSSAMER lashes. Biotin and Micro-flex technology create a flexible and nourishing cushion underneath the lash line, protecting the roots of the lashes from weight and tension so you enjoy a damage-free experience.  
    • Seal and Finish Clear Coat ($22.00 value). Instantly remove any stickiness after lash application
  • Each Control Kit® comes with 12mm and 14mm Gossamer® lashes. Try them on for size and you'll know if you want to go longer or shorter in your next order. Most clients mix and match sizes and styles for a custom look. Place the kit open on your counter and look down into the magnifying mirror to make lash application easy!
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