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About Lashify | An Award Winning Hybrid Lash Extension System
About us

the world's first innovative beauty think tank

our founder

The lash queen,
Sahara Lotti

In a world where CEO’s are faceless, nameless even, Sahara is synonymous with Lashify. And their DNA is intertwined. She’s unabashed and unapologetic, just like the system she created. Before Lashify, she couldn’t believe there was nothing in the market other than human hair strips, extensions, and little tiny clusters. She knew what she wanted. She knew what she needed. And it just didn’t exist. So, she went on to make it. She cracked the lash code. Turns out, the world wanted it just as badly. The revolutionary Gossamer® lash, the Fuse Control™ Wand, Whisper Light™ flexible bond and the Underlash™ technology have changed the way lash lives are lived. Lucky for us, Lotti sees holes in a marketplace that is uninspired and seeks to fill them, as she has continued to do so thanks to innovation being top priority. And, always luxurious at accessible pricing.

sahara's selects
our mission


Protecting our furry companions is more than just a mission, it’s our purpose and ethos. Lashify was born of the need to bring a product to market that was wanted and needed. We knew if we could create this market and own the IP, not only could we change the lives of lash lovers everywhere, but we could be able to fund research needed to protect our animals. We believe in doing right by those who don’t have a voice. We believe that being blessed warrants giving back. We know what we do and what we stand for. That’s why Lashify is actively involved in helping all dog breeds, English Bulldogs in particular, through charitable contributions, funding of research, and in partnership with our friends at Road Dogs & Rescue.

our company

the innovative beauty think tank

More than just an award-winning brand, Lashify is synonymous with disruption and innovation— holding 70 patents and 50 trademarks world-wide. At our core are transparency, truth in advertising, creating superior products that empower our clients, and putting words into action. Lashify’s customers rely on the transparency and quality that Lashify brings to their daily lives, knowing they will always be able to control their own beauty without compromise. As disruptors we continue to disrupt not only the beauty industry, but the corporate model. We believe in equality, fierce women, and people of all colors. We support these people. We hire these people. We are these people. And we will continue to give back and we will continue to stand up, because our work goes beyond just lashes. We are committed to making a difference.

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Our mission

Meet Our Team

Sahara Lotti

CEO & Founder

Sahara's favorite product

Bob & Mack Lotti

Chief dog officers

Bob's favorite product

Alejandra Hernandez

Warehouse Director

Alejandra's favorite product

Abigail Wiantono

Graphic Designer

Abigail's favorite product

Ana Blount

Manager of Digital Education

Ana's favorite product

Andrea Aronson

head of copy

Andrea's favorite product

Christine Parker

Manager of Client Happiness

Christine's favorite product

Dianna lee

Director of Product Development

Dianna's favorite product

Estefany Estrada

Manager of Client Support

Estefany's favorite product

Joseph But

Director of Supply Chain

Joseph's favorite product

Justin Joyner

content director

Justin's favorite product

Logan Compton

Social Media Specialist

Logan's favorite product

Mitchell Sanchez

logistics director

Mitchell's favorite product

Sasha Dasaro

design director

Sasha's favorite product

Vanessa Quinteros

Director of Educational Training

Vanessa's favorite product

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