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About the Lashify® System

Everything about the Lashify® System 

Our Gossamer® lashes are the first lash in the world designed to fit precisely above the tight line (underneath your lash) and merge seamlessly with your natural lash like a coat of mascara.  We’ve blended the precision of lash extensions with the ease of strip lashes.  Lashify® gives you flawless, totally discreet amplification.

Gossamers are virtually invisible.  Regular strip lashes or bulky clusters weigh heavily on the natural lash and can’t be worn for a long period of time.  They also leave an obvious and unsightly seam that screams “faux.”   We’ve used the finest PBT silk and our patent-pending technology to create the lightest,  most natural-looking lash fusions ever made. 

The only system of it's kind 

We scoured the globe for luxurious lash extensions that we could apply ourselves only to find it didn’t exist.  Left to our own devices,  an invention was born. Lashify® is cutting edge technology meets the obsession for lash perfection.  

Patented technology   

Lashify™ is brains + beauty.  After extensively studying the structure of the human eyelid and the shape of the natural lash line,  we found out a way to apply the same extensions we love from the salon - without the skill and time.   We developed a patent-pending technology to manufacture our lashes and sourced the most skilled lash technicians in the world to ensure consistent quality.  Our technicians are trained to fuse the single silk strands to another in a delicate and time consuming process.   That’s Lashify.  Not just another strip lash or cluster.  

We’ve invented three new pieces of technology for the Lashify® System.   

Our Lash Cartridge was designed to emulate the shape of the human eye and works for any size.  

The base of our patent pending Gossamer® Lashes are so thin that they virtually fuse with your natural lashes. Because they are so delicate, the Gossamers must be inside the cartridges in order to maintain their shape and curl.   

Our patented Fuse Control® Wand has been ergonomically  designed to fit the structure of the cheek bone and nose ridge as well as it is meant to be used at whatever angle which suits your eye shape.  Our wand also has a convenient design feature which allows you to apply lashes to both eye with the same hand, while boasting precision of a German tweezer. 

Once each Gossamer lash is made, our technicians place them with precision into the cartridge. Our Fuse Control® Wand allows you to apply the lashes easily.  One clamp and they will fuse into your natural lashes.  The result:   flawless and discreet lashes every single time. 

You can apply Lashify® yourself in just seconds.   

Lashify® gives you the power to self-apply professional quality lash extensions.  Whether you’re a lash baby or an old pro,  our system is designed with you in mind.    It's simple.  No real skill needed.  We’ve done all the work for you.  With our system you can apply pro level lashes all by yourself.   Really. 

You’ll never have to go the lash salon again.  

Have better things to do than sit in traffic and road rage (or is that just us?)  Need lashes like now because you just saw your ex at yoga and need to put your face on stat?   Don’t panic.  With our patented wand and Control Kit you can fearlessly apply your own lash extensions whenever, wherever, in just seconds.

Do it anywhere.  

Oh yes.  Wherever and whenever you want.  Do it on a train, do it on a plane or even in the rain  (yasss, it’s waterproof)! 

Our lashes can be worn for 7+ days or just the day

Our system keeps your lashes fresh. Lashify® extensions are made to last through spin class and Saturday night and still look perfect come Sunday mimosa brunch. 

We take care of your lashes.    

Your lashes are now our problem.  We know what you need and when you’ll need it. So sit back, relax and look glorious. We deliver Lashify right to your doorstep and soon along with all of the products you need to keep your lashes going strong. Professional results without the damage, wait or brain-power.   

You’re in full control.  

Our system works with the shape of any lash line or human eye.  With the Control Kit,   you can easily create whatever style you’re feeling.  You’re the artist.   Go natural, pump it up, throw in a wing.  You decide.  Our Whisper Lite Flexible bond stays flexible just long enough for the novice or the pro.  You don’t have to worry about ruining your makeup or lashes or your night.  Our system was invented for real people. 

Our lashes won’t murder yours. 

Traditional lash extensions with the wrong technician can bind to your lashes with harsh glues and can cause damage at the root. Over time lashes can fall out and stunt the growth process.  We understand the science behind healthy lashes and have dedicated every aspect of Lashify to keeping your lashes looking good.  Whisper Light Flexible Bond with biotin will firmly keep your lashes in place with a gentle yet effective hold that actually nourishes.  

Your bank account will thank you.    

We figured out how to give you the crème de la crème of lashes at a fraction of the cost of going to the lash salon or wearing strips daily.  By cutting out the middle-man, we’re making luxurious and professional-quality silk lash extensions a reality for every budget.  

Made exclusively for you.  

Our system was designed for lash lovers by a lash lover.  Lashify® founder Sahara Lotti became so obsessed with cracking the lash code that in 2016 she created a lash lab in her own living room.  Determined to find a better way of doing things and a product that would meet her high standards, she studied the science behind every aspect of lash extension and application down to the smallest detail. With the help of her Korean factory she soon became a master of the trade secrets of lash manufacturing. This is the basis of the Lashify® System today.

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