Fuse Control Wand™ v2 (silver only)

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Need a spare Fuse Control Wand™ for your car, purse or beyond? We got you. Our internationally patented wand is designed for perfect Gossamer® Lash application and fusing by fitting the curvature of the cheekbone, eyelid and nose bridge while simultaneously boasting the precision needed to insure the strongest fuse. Hand crafted with Japanese stainless steel with an exclusive, non-stick tip. 

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  • Every V2 wand includes a patent-pending Wandom - our exclusive non-stick tip.

    US & CHINA Patent (DB814.107)
    Hand-Tooled in Pakistan.

  • Use only soap and water or eye make-up remover to clean your wand. Chemicals will cause damage to the special coating. Make sure to wipe down to dry to prevent any bond buildup.

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