The Control Kit


The Lashify® Control Kit is a one time purchase and includes everything you'll need to apply Lashify, the most luxurious lash extensions ever for the fraction of the price. 

Each kit includes your choice of  Amplify, Bold or Curl Gossamer™ cartridges in 12 and 14mm length to practice with. 

  • Amplify is the most natural.
  • Bold is the most dramatic.
  • Curl has the strongest curl. 

It doesn't matter which one you get,  they all work together.  Order extras so you can mix and match all the cartridges to create whatever style you want. 

With our cutting edge lash system you now have the ability to revolutionize your eyes! Create and customize salon quality silk lashes on yourself or your clients with no skill, in zero time, without ever stepping into a salon.  Bam. 

Not a gimmick.  No exaggeration.  This system will blow your mind and boost your confidence.  Faux Real.  There's a reason all the Beauty Editors are raving about Lashify® and all our clients are addicted! 

Go ahead.  Stop stripping and become your own Lash Chick.   

Go here for detailed instructions on how to apply.  Want a one on one lesson?  Just text the Concierge!   

Waterproof.  Hypoallergenic.  Made in Korea.

US / China Patent: DB814.107


Every Control Kit Includes:

  • Two Gossamer™ Lash Sets ($40.00 value)   
  • Whisper Light Flexible Bond with Biotin - Dual-Sided Black AND Clear ($22.00 value)
  • Seal and Finish Clear Coat ($22.00 value
  • The Fuse Control Wand v2 updated wand ($65.00 value) 
  • Patent-Pending Wandom - optional tip cover for non-stick fusing. 
  • The luxurious Control Kit box which includes a large magnified mirror (1.5) for a clear lash line view and application on-the-go. 

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