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Core Gossamer® Curl Lashes $20.00
Core Gossamer® Bold™ Lashes $20.00
Lashify X Luxe-Box $0.00
Core Gossamer® Amplify Lashes $20.00
The Lashify® Control Kit™ $145.00
Volume Gossamer® Fluffy™ Lashes $25.00
Melt Away Gossamer® Lash Remover $21.00
Volume Gossamer® Extreme Lashes $25.00
Bondage™ Extra-Strength Lash Bond with Charcoflex™ $25.00
Volume Gossamer® Drama™ Lashes $25.00
Night Bond™ Gossamer® Lash Formula $23.00
Pre-Cleanse Gossamer® Lash Prep $31.00
Volume Gossamer® Extra Extreme Lashes $25.00
The Lashify® White Control Kit™ $145.00
Blow $7.00
Glass Gossamer® Lash Coating $21.00

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